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Every day more than 8,000 animals die

Joining the biodegradable revolution has never been so easy. The world needs a break, Ecomundo invites you to know the products that we distribute and at the same time extend the life of our house.




Save the world!

Our mission

  • Ecology

    Ecology Help reduce the consumption of plastics in your area, facilitate access to biodegradable products and protect different species including ours.

  • Dynamic Ecology

    Generate social and business responsibility on the negative consumption of plastics and promote and promote the investment of biodegradable products to have a cleaner home.

  • Plant ecology

    Generate awareness in order to conserve and generate more green areas both at home and in our area.

  • Waste recycling

    Promote recycling in order to improve the processing of garbage.

Last News

The ice cream wrapper that you took on the beach ten years ago may be there, and also the plastic spoon that you threw into the sand after absentmindedly sucking it for the last time; the plastic bag in which you took the snack may have suffocated a turtle or a seal.

Actions make an ECOMUNDO a cleaner place to live, let’s leave the planet clean for our future and for the global ecosystem.

Within the 6300 million tons of plastic waste approximately:

It accumulates in landfills or natural environments 76%
It is incinerated 12%
It is recycled 9%
Others 3%