Characteristics of Use

Temperatures: Resists high and low temperatures, does not release toxic substances, 100% compostable and biodegradable.

Components: 70% Avocado seed bipolymers (Persian American Mill) 30% Base polymers and components of vegetable origin. FREE OF BISFENILA

Storage: indoors at room temperature away from heat sources.

Color: Light beige

Made in Mexico

Cutlery and straws are made from biopolymers of avocado seed.


240 Days under standard conditions ASTM D6400

* Bio degradation according to the ASTM Standard: Defines the environmental biodegradation of a plastic as the biotic and / or abiotic process that occurs in a given environment, the microorganisms carry out the process of biotic degradation producing mainly Co2, H2O and Biomass.


FDA: Food and Drug Administration Cumple con ASTM D6400

It becomes compost

Alimentary grade

Without dioxins (Chemicals)