WHEAT STRAW - Ecomundo


Characteristics of Use

Temperatures: Resists up to 220 ° C microwave without releasing toxic substances.

Refrigeration: Can be used for storage under refrigeration, helps preserve the original flavor of the food and retains its original form for a week.

Storage: Can be stored at normal temperature for up to two years.

Color: Brown

Made from: Wheat straw bagasse

Made in: China

Facts 100% of renewable resources without bleaching which avoids the use of chemicals and gives it a natural appearance.


Commercial compost installation: 45 to 90 days

Sanitary landfill: 90 to 240 days

Home: 90 to 240 days


All products are BIODEGRADABLE, please request a certificate depending on the product.

It becomes compost

Alimentary grade

Use in the microwave

Without dioxins (Chemicals)